When you are a child of God you get His attention with a direct relationship connected to Him. You are now in the light and God’s glory will shine through you as you live in His presence.
More benefits of being His child… 
1.     Peace - when you are part of God’s family you receive supernatural peace. God’s peace is a powerful weapon for you, no matter what is going on in the world, what is happening around you....you are okay, you trust and are not afraid because you know God is with you. (John 14:27)
2.     Everlasting Life....this is a huge benefit we receive when we invite Jesus into our hearts. Eternal life in the Kingdom of God, when you die your spirit leaves your body and goes directly into heaven....absent from the body, present with the Father! (John3:16)
3.     Another benefit for us right here and right now is the gift of the Holy Spirit. Read:  John 14:15-18, John 15:26, Acts 1:8 to find out about Holy Spirit, then ask God to fill you with Him. It may take a bit of time but He will come!
4.     Joy - Jesus points the way to joy in John 15: 9-11. Joy is a quality of character that comes from God and our relationship with the Holy Spirit, not in earthly or material things, but in the confidence we have that we are sons and daughters of the Most High God. We can receive God’s grace and favour knowing that He loves you, that you are His kid and He has deposited His Holy Spirit in you, He has invested in you and invited you to enjoy your life right now.
WOW, we get an intimate connection with God the Father, supernatural peace, eternal life, the Holy Spirit who will help us and give us power to become more like Jesus. And  joy too, yet there is even more!
Stay tuned for Part 3
by Jude Hodgson
Jude Hodgson was born in Toronto, educated at York University and has travelled extensively. She has been married to Bob since March 1971, they have a daughter, a son and daughter in law.  She was Co Founder of the “Look Good Feel Better Program” now a national initiative for women with cancer, the Executive Producer of video “Facing Cancer with Confidence”.

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