There are so many benefits to knowing God as our father, like divine healing, protection and provision just to name a few. There are so many that I could just keep going and going. But I want to talk to you about living as a child of God too.
When you invest something, don’t you expect a return?
When you plant a seed, don’t you expect something to do don’t you?
Well I think God expects us to grow too, to produce fruit with our lives, lasting fruit.
Yes, He certainly will discipline us when He needs to, prune us because He loves us too much to let us grow in the wrong way. He gets us back on track, so we can bear good fruit.
Check out the story in John 15: 1-8
I think we can all serve God, how you may ask…
-  by how we live our lives, being generous with our time, our money and our effort.
-  by forgiving others when they hurt us.
-  by praying daily
-  by studying the Bible so we know His word and allow it to change the way we think.
-  by letting go of resentment and bitterness
-  by helping others whenever we can
-  by being kind and caring
-  by sharing our testimony about salvation in Jesus.
You know Jesus is the way, the only way, He is the truth, the real truth, No one can come to Father God any other way, only through Jesus. (John 14:6)
He is the way you can have all of these benefits and more, if you don’t know Jesus personally yet consider this your invitation to do that right now and begin an incredible journey, life as a child of God.
Don’t be shy, we all need Jesus, just talk to Him, believing that He is the Son of God, ask Him to forgive your sins with heartfelt repentance, to come in to your heart and be Lord of your life.
Then thank Him, for by faith He has done it, you are now His child! Welcome to the family!
By Jude Hodgson
Jude Hodgson was born in Toronto, educated at York University and has travelled extensively. She has been married to Bob since March 1971, they have a daughter, a son and daughter in law. She was Co Founder of the “Look Good Feel Better Program” now a national initiative for women with cancer, the Executive Producer of video “Facing Cancer with Confidence”.

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