Verse: Luke 22:8

Go and make preparations for us to eat the Passover


We are now in Holy Week and it is a great opportunity to slow down and contemplate our faith in Jesus and the level at which we are growing in our faith. As we prepare to celebrate what is one of the most important tenets of our faith and the message of Christ: that he died and he was raised to life, Easter is a time not only to commemorate His sacrifice for us but to take stock of how we are living in response to that sacrifice.
While Easter shouldn’t be the only time that we remember the price Jesus paid for our sins, it is a goodtime to “go and make preparations” in our hearts for contemplation. Have we been faithful to His call? Have we been faithful to His word? Have we made space for the Holy Spirit in our everyday lives? Does the fact that Jesus suffered and died for our sin makes us humble and grateful and does humility and gratitude permeate our lives?
Take some time to go and prepare your hearts before the one who died so that you may live and ask that He make this Easter one that will ignite even more of a passion to live for Him.
by Kalesha Peters

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