Isaiah 26:3

You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.


Perfect Peace

“Oh what peace we often forfeit. Oh what needless pain we bear. All because we do not carry, Everything to God in prayer.”
~ Joseph M. Scriven
The lyrics to this hymn came screaming to the surface of my thoughts as I read Isaiah 26:3. Not because they are pretty words that rhyme, or is part of my childhood memory bank of old songs I could easily recall. There is great truth that is echoed throughout the verse.
In Matthew 6:25 Jesus says to the people and us“ Therefore I tell you, DO NOT WORRY…” Don’t worry about the food you’re going to eat, the clothes you’re going to wear and the needs you need to meet - all that stuff, important stuff of course, but all of that, do not worry. That’s crazy isn’t it?
Why would he say that? He knows that a big part of the human experience is our driving desire to know and the anxiety that comes from not knowing. So why tell us not to worry? One reason is that worry robs us of the peace that comes only when we trust God. Worry takes our eyes off of the constant, unchanging, omniscient, omnipresent Father who loves and leads us and put the focus on something that is always changing. Our circumstances will always change. How we feel will always change but the one thing that is constant, the one immovable unchangeable presence Is Jesus. And he offers a rest from worry, a peace that surpasses understanding. We could be in the midst of the worst situation we could ever face, our entire world could be crumbling before our very eyes and we are powerless to do anything to hinder it or even help ourselves. Jesus offers peace in those moments because he is provider, protector, guide, shield, healer, warrior, friend, Father. And we can rest in the fact that while the world around us crumbles we are sheltered in the arms of the one who created the world and who is able to give us beauty for the ashes of what was once our life.
That’s the peace we often forfeit to worry about things that are yes, important, but unable to dethrone our Saviour. Holy Spirit, help us in moments where we are tempted to worry, remind us you our Father keeps in PERFECT PEACE, those whose mind are steadfast.
by Kalesha Peters

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