Genesis 25:21

“Isaac pleaded with the Lord on behalf of his wife, because she was unable to have children. The Lord answered Isaac’s prayer, and Rebekah became pregnant with twins.”

Most husbands today would probably criticize his wife for not being able to bear children. Some might even go out and have affairs. But Isaac loved his wife and knew that she desperately wanted a child so he prayed for her that she might have a child. He didn’t just pray once, or twice, or for a month, or for a year, but he kept on praying for twenty long years. The Bible declares, GOD ANSWERED HIS PRAYER AND REBEKAH CONCEIVED. But watch this; if Rebekah does not conceive, Jacob is not born, and there will be no Twelve Tribes, which was to form the nucleus of the nation of Israel through which the Savior would come. Isaac did not know all of that, but he knew enough to pray about Rebekah’s problem. My precious friend; prayer lays the groundwork for God to step in and bless your marriage, to bless your children, to bless your home, to bless your finances, to bless your health. He can bring life to those unresponsive areas of our lives in ways we never imagined. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER QUIT PRAYING!
by Corville Peters

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