Passage - Matthew 7:24-29

Verse - Matthew 7:24

Anyone who listens to my teaching and follows it is wise, like a person who builds a house on solid rock.



Are we still here? Yes, we are because I think this verse has a lot to say about how we approach our walk with God. Something that stands out to me in this passage is the fact that both men are building something. There is no one who is passively sitting on the sidelines, no non-builder in this scenario, each person is laboring, and the success of what they are building is based on the instructions they are following or not following. What I mean is we are not passive spectators when it comes to our faith, if we are not seeking to draw closer to God, then we are gratifying our sinful nature. When I was younger I used to hear pastors say ‘get off the fence’ but the truth is there is no fence, you are either heeding the instruction of Jesus or you are going your own way and what you are really building is a foundationless sandcastle.
Jesus says the one who hears and follows his instruction is secure in him. The person’s faith is stable because it is built on the rock that is Christ. That person knows the God that they serve. We need to know the God we serve. Spending time with Him, reading his word, being around other believers, opening up their ourselves to the Holy Spirit and allowing Him to change us from the inside out, that is how we are build our houses. As the song says, all other ground, that isn’t Christ, is sinking sand. Life’s storms will affect all of us, Jesus himself said that in this world you will have trouble, but fear not, for I have overcome the world (John 16:33). The only way for us to fear not is if we are firmly rooted and established in Christ. There is no other way, no loop hole or alternative path, he is the sure foundation. So when you go to build or as you continue to build your faith, make sure that you are building on the word of God. For all other ground is sinking sand.
by Kalesha Peters

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