Passage ~ Mark 16: 1-20

Verse ~ Mark 16: 7

Go and tell his disciples and Peter, ‘He is going ahead of you into Galilee. There you will see him, just as he told you.


Depth of Grace

I wasn’t a naughty child, but I was mischievous and whenever I got into something that I knew I shouldn’t have gotten in to, I was so scared that that would be the thing that my parents would never forgive me for. In my childish thoughts, I always wondered if there was a limit to how much my parents could forgive me before enough was enough. I was never brave enough to push the limit because I didn’t quite enjoy the punishment that followed my mischief, but I am glad to know that their grace for me ran very deep.
So I can’t imagine the depths of sadness and despair that Peter was feeling after his denial of Jesus. Jesus did tell him it would happen and Peter vehemently denied that it could ever happen, and then a few hours later Peter was there a few feet from Jesus vehemently denying that he even knew him. This is the guy that Peter had given up his life for. This is the man that he really believed was the Messiah and witnessed him do and say things only God could do or say. And yet, just being asked questions by some servant girls, he turtles into self preservation mode. Crazy right?
But how deep the Father’s grace and love for us! Jesus rose from the grave and the Angel instructs the women to tell the disciples AND Peter. Even though Peter failed, and he did, the grace of God ran so deep for him that flowed from the empty tomb right to his heart. And it’s the same for us today. Right where we are, even if we have fallen from a great height and have ended up in a deep dark valley, the grace and love of Christ can and will still reach us. Go tell his disciples and Peter... and Kalesha… and (insert your name). Your failure hasn’t disqualified you from the work of the Kingdom. God still sees you as part of the family.
by Kalesha Peters

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